Spaceships Galore

Chase Ace – Off-World Leagues is pure uncut, explosive, power-up-laden, gasoline-engine-growling, shameless fun!

It’s a single and multi-player, vehicle-based, top-down, arena shooter that mixes addictive, action-packed gameplay with social elements that emphasize player influence, creativity and customizability.


Power-ups Galore

Ships and vehicles can be equipped with a range of bad-ass gear and inventive weapons that can be combined in countless ways to deliver stunning, dynamically-generated explosions.

Giant explosions guaranteed!


The Chase Ace Legacy

Chase Ace Deluxe - the spritual ancestor from 1999 - is a fast paced retro action shooter game featuring explosive special effects in a stylized scrolling 2D environment, death matches, mission gaming and immense fire power plus much more. You even get the full level editor.

It’s great fun, both in single- and multiplayer modes.

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About Us

Cape Copenhagen (formerly known as Space Time Foam) is a 25 people strong independent game developer from Copenhagen, Denmark. We believe simplicity reigns supreme.

Visit www.capecph.com for more info on who we are and what we are up to.

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